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Stiletto High Heel Tips and Advice

Hi. I'm Kristen Smith Hilton, global fashion stylist and converse italia beauty expert, as well as the president and creative director of Novella Style Group; talking to you today about tips on stilettos an high heels. The stiletto is a unique member of the high heel family. With its delicate heel, usually covered in delicate material, billige converse all star hi it is in a world billige converse all star hi its own. The best thing that you can do for your stiletto is to make sure that the rubber on the bottom of the shoe continues to be at its best. Finding a, your new best friend is a fantastic shoe repair man. Both people should be able to communicate effectively as to what you need done on that shoe. Should you slip into a crack, you're going to need that leather repaired. And you need to have that person that you can go to. They should be on your Christmas list and on your speed dial. Should your high heel ever break, as stilettos are very very tiny, cheap converse shoes online it's important that you know exactly what to do in order preserve the heel. That is to completely remove the heel, so that it is completely off of the shoe, get it back into its packaging and get to your nearest cobbler as quickly as you can, even if you have to hunt down Gipetto himself. I'm Kristen Smith Hilton with how to tips on stilettos and high heels.
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